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What Is BETA?

The Barrington Enlightened Taxpayers Association (BETA) was formed to close the gap between silent governing and an informed public because our busy lives preclude our ability to follow all of the myriad plans and decisions of those we depend on to keep Barrington viable.

We are a group of concerned citizens of the community who chose to be the conduit that informs, through regular monitoring of meetings of such entities as education, library, parks and the like. These are our taxing bodies and the role of BETA is to determine whether the cost/benefit ratio of their decisions is practical or desired and what can be done to meet our needs. We report on how their decisions impact our lives. In essence, we are your eyes and ears on how they spend your tax dollars.

Based on the information gathered and reported from the various meetings and with your input, BETA can provide financial and operational oversight that can have a meaningful impact on the present and future of our community.

We are your voice. Your support is vital to our effectiveness. We urge you to be informed, to be involved and to be aware of the decisions that are made on our behalf.