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United States Federal Representatives

This page contains the membership list of the United States federal representatives who govern in the Barrington area.  Clicking on a name will take you to the Representative’s government website where more information is provided

Representatives provide email addresses or on-line forms to contact them.  Clicking on the email address will generate your email application with the correct address.  Clicking on the on-line form will generate the website page contact form.

BETA encourages you to contact your Representative(s) when you have opinions or concerns about local issues.

United States Senate: www.senate.gov
Name Position Local Phone D.C. Phone Email
Dick Durbin Assistant Majority Leader (312) 353-4952 (202) 224-2152 On-line Form
Mark Kirk Senator (312) 886-3506 (202) 224-2854 On-line Form

United States House: www.house.gov
Name IL District Local Phone D.C. Phone Email
Peter Roskam #6 (630) 232-7393 (202) 225-4561 On-line Form
    (847) 656-6354    
Tammy Duckworth #8 (847) 413-1959 (202) 225-3711 On-line Form
Randy Hultgren #14 (630) 232-7104 (202_ 225-2976 On-line Form