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Latest News Updates


District 220 Tax Levy Process Update

The revised schedule for review and approval of the School District 220 tax levy is:

The meeting schedules (dates, time, location and agenda) are available on the District 220 website.  Check the schedule one or two days before each meeting to make sure there have been no changes.


School District 220 Approves 2014-2015 Budget

At its regular meeting the school board approved the 2014-2015 Budget.  The budget will be filed with the State Board of Education and it is on the District website.  Beta spoke at the public hearing.  Our letter to the school board is listed on the Papers and Writings page.  Key points from our comments are:

In addition to the District 220 specific issues, the taxpayers face uncertain economic prospects driven by unemployment, the financial situation of the state and real estate values. Many residents are senior citizens on fixed incomes.

The magnitude of the potential property tax increases from continuing the current financial model and the exposure to changes in state funding and pension cost shifting is not acceptable. Given all of the above, it is important for the District to develop, consider and discuss with the public plans to deal with the current and future financial needs. 

We would like to hear what the District has in mind for addressing its current and future cost and funding challenges.  I would also like to share some ideas on those challenges.

Tax Levy Process is Next

Based on last year’s schedule the Board of Education would approve the estimated tax levy (recommended by the Finance Committee) at the November 4, 2014 board meeting.  The public hearing on the proposed levy would take place during the November 18 regular board meeting and the levy would be adopted at the December 2 board meeting.  The meeting schedules are posted on the District 220 website.  The Finance Committee meeting schedule is also on the district website.  The Finance Committee meetings are public and often include relevant information on budgets and financial matters.  Check the meeting agendas on the district website two days before the meetings to confirm that the levy actions are as described above.

Public Comment at Meetings and Hearings

The format for public comment at board meetings and hearings generally limits an individual’s comments to three minutes and does not include any time for dialog or “back and forth” discussion with the board or district staff.  Therefore, if a taxpayer has questions regarding the relevant subject matter in order to prepare comments for the meeting or to gain insight on the subject it is advisable to contact the district finance department (and/or the board or the superintendent) prior to the meeting.  Contact information is on the District 220 website.